Round 2 of the 2018 SA National Motocross Championship was held in Pietermaritzburg at Thunder Valley MX Track on the 7 April.

MX1 & MX2
With the week leading up to the national being an easy training week for Anthony, he was really looking forward to the PMB National. Unfortunately on Wednesday, Anthony was caught with a bad head cold and flu. He immediately went to the doctor for medication to try kick it out his system asap. He then flew to Durban on Friday morning, however it all turned for the worse. Anthony felt absolutely ill and didn’t look positive to race on Saturday. Anthony decided to have an early night and make the call on Saturday morning.

5am wake up time to head to the track and Anthony felt like death. He was in a terrible state with no physical strength and pounding head. Anthony made his own decision to go out on track and try his best in both classes to suffice some valuable championship points. Anthony showed huge character by fighting until the end in every race but he certainly didn’t have the charge in him to race for the win. We are all happy to achieve points and move forward to the next round. Words from Anthony, “Thank you to my team and amazing sponsors, without you guys none of this would be possible. Time to get healthy and bounce back. It’s a long season. Championships aren’t won in one race day.”

MX1: 6 – 6 = 6th overall
MX2: 9 – 4 = 6th overall


2018 SA Motocross National Round 1 – Port Elizabeth

The first round of the 2018 SA National Motocross Championship was held in Port Elizabeth at Rover Raceway on the 17 February.

In the competitive MX2 class, it was going to be a very tough day with the track being extremely gnarly and sandy. Heat 1 saw Anthony get off to a great start and lead the field out for most of the race. Unfortunately made a small error by running wide in a corner and let the 2nd place rider slip past. With minimal time remaining, Anthony had to settle for 2nd place.
Heat 2, Anthony got off the line a bit slower than the first moto and saw himself in 6th on lap 1. Anthony was on charge and picked off riders lap by lap. By the half way mark of the race, Anthony grabbed the lead and was running solid lap times edging his lead bigger and bigger every lap. First moto win of the 2018 season and 1st overall for the day!
Overall Result: 2 – 1 = 1st overall

Unfortunately bad luck struck in the MX1 class for Anthony. After setting a good qualifying time and feeling very comfortable on the bike, Ant was ready to race for the win in both MX1 heats.
Heat 1 saw a rider crash on the start and Anthony had no room to get around him, Ant collided into him and caused major damage to his bike. Ant remounted as quick as possible; he was in last position and within 4 laps caught into 4th place. This is when things went wrong; the crash damaged the electric start button which caused the bike to run the battery flat and the bike stopped. Disappointment for Anthony but this is all part of racing.
Heat 2, lots of work had to be done to repair the bike between the heats and get the bike ready to race. Anthony’s team worked overtime and got the bike on the line for him. The bike still wasn’t 100%, therefore Ant rode hard but safe to finish the heat and score points. Onwards and upwards we move into Round 2 of the SA National Series!
Overall Result: DNF – 6

Words from Anthony, “Thank you so much for all the support for my 2018 season! I am working hard on and off the bike to achieve the best results.”

2017 SA Motocross National Round 7 – Johannesburg

The final round of the SA National Motocross Championship was held in Johannesburg at Terra Topia MX track on the 14 October.

In the competitive MX2 class, it was going to be a very close day with the track being extremely one lined and tight. Heat 1 saw Anthony get off to a good start and fight for the lead at times but decided to ride hard and comfortable to bring it home in 3rd position.
Heat 2, unfortunately started badly for half of the race field. A rider fell on the first corner causing a 10 rider pile up. Anthony was in the mix and had to get his bike out and fight from 15th to 6th by the end of the race. Well fought!
Overall Result: 3 – 6 = 5th overall

With Anthony just returning from London with an injured back and shoulder, he decided to skip the MX1 class and focus 100% on the MX2 class as he was fighting for a podium spot in the national championship in that class.

With this being the last round, Anthony claimed 3rd overall in the MX2 SA National Series even with missing one national to a broken hand. Hopefully we can heal up, train hard and come back strong for the 2018 season! Words from Anthony “I truly can’t thank everyone of you for all the support this year. I have been helped from so many different angles and without it I wouldn’t be out on track living my dream. Thank you for being apart of this incredible journey. I am planning bigger and better things for 2018. I hope we can keep our program going strong and achieve more goals. Thank you!”

Please get in touch with Anthony regarding 2018 plans. Thank you!

2017 SA Motocross National Round 6 – Harrismith

P/C: Eric Palmer

The penultimate round of the SA National Motocross Championship was held in Harrismith this past weekend and once again our GAC Laser Ace Sports team excelled with fantastic results.

In the Premier MX2 class, the day belonged to GAC Laser Ace Sports’ Anthony Raynard, crowning off a memorable racing day for him as he took a 1-2 for first overall. Many commented that the racing in this class was the best they had seen all year with the top 4 riders within a bike length of each other. Undoubtedly the final round will not disappoint at Terra Topia, Johannesburg in October.
Overall Result: 1 – 2 = 1st overall

In the Premier MX1 class, GAC Laser Ace Sports’ Anthony Raynard stole the show in the second heat taking the 4-1 for the day sealing his second overall position. Anthony claimed 3 out of 4 hole shots today in the premier classes and led 2 races from start to finish!
Overall Result: 4 – 1 = 2nd overall

Round 7 will take place in Johannesburg on the 14 October.

Thank you for supporting my career!

2017 SA Motocross National Round 5 – Pietermaritzburg

P/C: Sam Clark

Round 5 of the SA National Motocross Championship took place this Saturday, 22 July, at Thunder Valley MX Track in Kwazulu-Natal.

Heat 1, Anthony fought hard for the hole shot but just got edged out into the first turn. Charging in 2nd place Anthony looked for a way around the leader but with the track being extremely muddy, rough and dangerous it was a big task on hand. Around the half way mark of the race, the 3rd place rider jumped off the track to pass Anthony which is illegal. Anthony then passed him back and once again on the following lap he did the same thing. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for Anthony to pass again as they crossed the line and the clerk of the course did not want to take the issue further.
Heat 2, bike problems caused Anthony’s bike to cut out on the first lap which saw him remount right at the back of the field. He rode hard and smooth to come from outside the top 20 to finish in 7th place. Definitely not the results that Anthony wanted but our sport is challenging!
Overall Result: 3 – 7 = 6th overall

Round 6 will take place in Harrismith on the 2 September.

Thank you for being apart of this journey and supporting me! Onwards and upwards!

2017 SA Motocross National Round 4 – Johannesburg

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.07.43 PM

Round 4 of the SA National Motocross Championship took place this past weekend at Dirt Bronco MX Track in Johannesburg on Saturday, 3 June. The national series hadn’t raced at this venue for the last 3 years so there was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air.

With MX2 being the first class out on track for practice and qualifying, it was a complete mud show and difficult to put in a clean fast lap. Anthony took the time to learn the track and focus on the races.
Heat 1, holeshot, holeshot, holeshot! Anthony flew out the gates to grab the lead from the start. It was a fast race with the top 4 riders separating from the rest of the field. Anthony made no mistake and remained consistent all throughout the race to come away with top honors! Welcome back Anthony!
Heat 2, it was a fight into a muddy first turn where Anthony came out in 2nd place. The top 3 were running fast consistent lap times with the gap between each rider staying the same. Anthony set his fastest lap time in the last lap of the race trying to hunt down the leader. Another brilliant and strong finish in heat 2!
Overall Result: 1 – 2 = 1st overall

Dirt Bronco - 3 June 2017

Round 5 will take place in Pietermaritzburg on the 22 July.

Thank you to all the incredible brands and companies supporting me!

2017 SA Motocross National Round 3 – Bloemfontein

Bloem 2017 - Eric Palmer
2017 SA Motocross Nationals – Bloemfontein Race Report
Round 3 of the SA National Motocross Championship took place in Bloemfontein on Saturday, 6 May. After being on the sidelines for 6 weeks with a broken hand, Anthony was excited to get back on track and racing. It wasn’t going to be an easy task with his hand still healing and very tender.

Heat 1, Anthony fought hard all race to come from the back of the pack in the start to finish in a well deserved 3rd place.
Heat 2, the top 4 riders were like a freight train for most of the race with Anthony in 4th. Unfortunately with 5 minutes of the race to go, the injured hand of Anthony started bleeding and paining. Anthony tried his best but lost two positions in the process.
Overall Result: 3 – 6 = 5th overall
Bloem 2017
Heat 1 and 2 were frustrating races for Anthony. Bike problems saw Anthony get out the start gate in both races way at the back of the field. He had to work his way through the field and fight for a top 5 finish. Onwards and upwards!
Overall Result: 5 – 6 = 6th overall

Anthony says, “Thank you to each and everyone that plays a vital role in making my racing possible. I will keep charging on for the rest of the SA season.”

Round 4 will take place in Johannesburg on the 3 June.

2017 Western Cape Regional Round 1 – Zone 7

Round 1 of the 2017 Western Cape MX Championship took place at Zone 7 on Saturday, 4 March. Qualifying, Anthony went out flying and clinched the 1st place spot in both the MX1 and MX2 class.

Heat 1, hole shot into the first corner which saw Anthony fight hard leading the strong pack of riders. He had tough competition behind him so it was a race where Anthony needed to focus and be consistent every lap. He delivered exactly that and took the win from start to finish.
Heat 2 was much of the same for Anthony; hole shot and led the race for every lap of the 20 min heat finishing with a demanding lead. 1st overall for the day with 1-1 results!
Heat 1 & 2, absolutely superb heat races for Anthony. Hole shots in both races and lap after lap increased his lead into 30 seconds by the end of both races. 1st overall for the day with his 1-1 results!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors for all the support and being a part of this incredible journey. All the hard work and effort is well worth it, we can’t wait for the upcoming Cape Town National taking place on the 8 April at the Zone 7 facility. Please diarize this date and come join us in our pits for a great day of racing.

2017 SA Motocross National Round 1 – Port Elizabeth

Round 1 of the SA National Motocross Championship took place in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 18 February.

Qualifying saw Anthony set good lap times and look forward to a great day of racing.
Heat 1, Anthony got out the gates into a mid-pack start. He had to work hard the first few laps to get himself into 2nd position. Anthony rode a smooth, consistent race behind the leader and playing the waiting game. Unfortunately on the second last lap, Anthony tried to make a move for the lead and dropped the bike in a sandy corner. Anthony remounted in 4th place and with only one lap remaining he had to settle in 4th.
Heat 2, saw another great heat with the top 4 riders breaking away from the rest and switching positions every lap. Anthony fought hard until the end and crossed the line in 3rd place.
Overall Result: 4 – 3 = 4th overall

Heat 1, resulted in a tough start for Anthony had him challenging from the back of the field and fighting through the entire race. Anthony caught back to 3rd place from being in 10th on lap 1. Good fight!

Heat 2, Anthony started the race in 4th place after the first lap. It was a hard fought race for the full moto between the top 4. While trying to make a move on the 2nd place rider, Anthony slid out on a wet, slippery corner which saw him get up in 4th place and have to race hard to catch up again. Anthony finished the race in 3rd place.
Overall Result: 3 – 3 = 3rd overall

Thank you so much to all the sponsors for all the support in the 2017 SA season!
Round 2 will take place in Cape Town on the 8 April.

2016 SA Motocross National Round 6 – Harrismith

Round 6 of the 2016 SA National Motocross Championship took place in Harrismith on Saturday, 17 September. Freezing temperatures, heavy wind and tight racing was the call of the day.

Heat 1, Anthony rocketed off the start line to grab the holeshot and lead the strong field around the track on lap 1. Anthony put his head down and put in fast, consistent lap times to win the first heat by 15 seconds.
Heat 2, another smooth fast start saw Anthony grab 2nd place in the start corner and settle in a comfortable spot. Unfortunately on lap 3, the unthinkable happened… Anthony was coming through a fast section of the track and his bike bounced skew causing to go have a hard crash. Anthony got up right a way but he remounted in 5th place and with his bike being bent and broken he had to settle in that position. With the bad second heat, the first heat helped to score a good overall for the day.
FINAL RESULT MX1: 1-5 = 2nd overall
Both MX2 heat races were really good for Anthony, however the results didn’t show for the quality of his riding on the day. Anthony set the fastest lap times in both races by over 1 second , but bad starts made life difficult for Anthony on the tight and twisty Harrismith circuit. 
FINAL RESULT MX2: 4-4 = 3rd overall

Anthony is in 2nd place in the MX1 and MX2 SA National Championships. Going into the final round in 2 weeks, Anthony is putting in everything he can to fight for the top spots in both classes.

Upcoming Races:
* 24 September – Zone 7 MX Track Regional Race (Cape Town) 
* 1 October – North vs South Invitational Race (Bloemfontein)
* 8 October – Terra Topia MX Track Round 7 SA National Championship  (Johannesburg)

Thank you to all my sponsors for all the continued support and making my dream a reality! 

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