2018 SA Motocross National Round 3 – Bloemfontein

Round 3 of the 2018 SA National Motocross Championship was held in Bloemfontein at BORC MX Track on the 19 May.

MX1 & MX2
Bloemfontein always hosting a very exciting national, we were in for yet another show stopper race weekend. Anthony had still been on the mend from the serious flu that had him man down at the previous national. He has been working hard but not being able to train excessively due to being sick. Anthony felt that he wasn’t 100% ready for this national due to the circumstances but would tackle it full steam.
Anthony qualified 3rd on Saturday morning which gave him choice of third gate pick for the races. With the track being extremely one lined and difficult to make passes; the start of the race was going to prove crucial.

Anthony has great reaction time and his start were superb as always but his bikes ran out of legs down the long start straight of Bloemfontein. He fought his way through the first two corners every heat to make it out safe and had to charge hard to make passes quickly. Unfortunately it all just wasn’t enough. Anthony felt disappointed with everything he put into the races, compared to the positions he achieved. It’s never over until the final race of the year, back to the drawing board to work on Anthony and his race machines. Thank you for the support no matter the situation!

MX1: 7 – 5
MX2: 4 – 7