2017 SA Motocross National Round 6 – Harrismith

P/C: Eric Palmer

The penultimate round of the SA National Motocross Championship was held in Harrismith this past weekend and once again our GAC Laser Ace Sports team excelled with fantastic results.

In the Premier MX2 class, the day belonged to GAC Laser Ace Sports’ Anthony Raynard, crowning off a memorable racing day for him as he took a 1-2 for first overall. Many commented that the racing in this class was the best they had seen all year with the top 4 riders within a bike length of each other. Undoubtedly the final round will not disappoint at Terra Topia, Johannesburg in October.
Overall Result: 1 – 2 = 1st overall

In the Premier MX1 class, GAC Laser Ace Sports’ Anthony Raynard stole the show in the second heat taking the 4-1 for the day sealing his second overall position. Anthony claimed 3 out of 4 hole shots today in the premier classes and led 2 races from start to finish!
Overall Result: 4 – 1 = 2nd overall

Round 7 will take place in Johannesburg on the 14 October.

Thank you for supporting my career!


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