2016 SA Motocross National Round 7 – Terra Topia, JHB


Round 7 of the 2016 SA National Motocross Championship took place in Johannesburg on Saturday, 8 October.

Qualifying saw Anthony grab 3rd place and look forward to a great day of racing.
Heat 1, Anthony got bunched in on the start and saw himself a bit down in the field. Lap after lap he fought through and made his way to 4th place. Whilst racing behind the 3rd place rider about 10 minutes into the race, Anthony came blasting through a corner and as he hit the jump out the corner he got high sided and totally flung off the bike as you will see in the picture below. Those that know Anthony, he always gets up from a crash and continues fighting the rest of the race. Unfortunately, this crash saw him crawl off the track in major pain and a possible broken tailbone.
Anthony took time in the pit area to relax and he decided to ride both second heats in huge pain and without knowing if he would cause further damage but he wanted to fight for his championships.


Qualifying saw Anthony claim the 2nd place spot.
Heat 1, another tough start for Anthony had him challenging from the back of the field and fighting through to end the race in 4th place. Unfortunately due to his massive crash in the first MX1 race, Anthony had to just ride around for points in the second heat race of MX2.

With this event wrapping up the SA National Championship, it really came down to the last race.
Anthony claimed 2nd place in the MX2 class and 3rd place in the MX1 class.
2017 is another year to fight for the ultimate number one position in both championships!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors for all the support throughout the year and being a part of this incredible journey. All the hard work and effort is well worth it, we can’t wait for the 2017 National season!