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2018 Western Cape Regional Race Report | Round 1 – 4

With four rounds under the belt of the 2018 Western Cape Regionall Motocross Championship, we are at the half way mark of the season. These events have taken place at Zone 7 MX Track.

MX1 & MX2
Anthony has been the star of the show at the Western Cape races. He has had stiff competition at every round and proven to step it up at every race. Anthony has competed in both the MX1 and MX2 classes at every race which is 2 heats of racing per class on the day.

Anthony is well chuffed with achieving 15 out of 16 race wins and one 2nd place finish. It is a huge achievement so far and Anthony looks to continue working hard to race for more wins. Anthony is leading both the MX1 and MX2 championship with a good points margin so it will take consistency and lots of effort to keep it alive until the end.

The next round will take place on the 4 August at Zone 7 MX Track. Followed by the Cape Town National on the 11 August. If you are in Cape Town that weekend, please come support and enjoy a great day out at the track!