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Round 2 of the 2018 SA National Motocross Championship was held in Pietermaritzburg at Thunder Valley MX Track on the 7 April.

MX1 & MX2
With the week leading up to the national being an easy training week for Anthony, he was really looking forward to the PMB National. Unfortunately on Wednesday, Anthony was caught with a bad head cold and flu. He immediately went to the doctor for medication to try kick it out his system asap. He then flew to Durban on Friday morning, however it all turned for the worse. Anthony felt absolutely ill and didn’t look positive to race on Saturday. Anthony decided to have an early night and make the call on Saturday morning.

5am wake up time to head to the track and Anthony felt like death. He was in a terrible state with no physical strength and pounding head. Anthony made his own decision to go out on track and try his best in both classes to suffice some valuable championship points. Anthony showed huge character by fighting until the end in every race but he certainly didn’t have the charge in him to race for the win. We are all happy to achieve points and move forward to the next round. Words from Anthony, “Thank you to my team and amazing sponsors, without you guys none of this would be possible. Time to get healthy and bounce back. It’s a long season. Championships aren’t won in one race day.”

MX1: 6 – 6 = 6th overall
MX2: 9 – 4 = 6th overall